I thought I could make my dream come true
That’s why I walked with confidence, having unreasonable faith.
If I go on without giving up,
If I try my best,
I thought my dream would come true
Then I would reach my goal.
I prey every day,
I run straight forward,
And hoped that there would be a light at the end of this dark, dim tunnel.
I was consumed by hope and run, and run
Yes, I wanted to see that bright light
It really felt like it wouldn’t be much longer now
And that it was within my reach
So why, why do I still feel like I’m in the same place, and that I’m lacking?
In order to run again, I have to endure and get back up
But there are so many parts of reality that are so hard to bear
It feels like I’m being forced off my feet, onto the ground
I’m trying my best to bear it because I don’t want to lose
And this is a dream that I want to sacrifice everything in order to achieve.
So why is it getting harder for me as I try harder?
Why isn’t anyone acknowledging my earnesty?
Why am I being toyed with?
I don’t ask for much
I just want this thing
But as more time passes, all I want to do is sit in defeat.
Why should I have to accept the responsibilities that this world has created for me?
Why should I have to endure all this pain?
The world won’t leave me alone and that isn’t my fault.
That’s what I’ve said but all I’ve done was hide and run
Because I’m at a loss.
Lord Above, I beg you, hear my plea!
And I hate that this is the only thing I can do.
The only thing I can do is tread on trons with my bear feet
But I close my eyes and say,
‘’I pray for my DREAM’’!