Tuesday late morning I was woken by the sound of rain, thunder and the telephone ringing. The first thing that entered my mind was a memory of that slinky blonde knockout who started the whole thing off Monday evening. She floated into my office on a wave of a sweet smelling fragrance I wasn't familiar with. Her gorgeous features were softened by the light veil that was covering her face. This is 1940's Hollywood and anything and everything goes in tinsel town.
Her name was Veronica. A name that really suited her as much as a name can. Wow my day was looking up.
Her mother had noticed some shady characters who were skulking around in the shadows at night outside of their two storey mansion, located in the Hollywood hills. The police had been called, spoke to Veronica and her mother. Found nothing and promised to cruise by whenever they were in the area.

However the situation reached boiling point when a silhouette was seen exiting the second floor study, which was where all of her late fathers personal effects were housed.
She came to me on a neighbours recommendation. The guys young son got himself in a jam with some blackmailers. I convinced them to take their business elsewhere with some gentle persuasion.
I felt I could handle a stakeout, at night,under the same roof as her. So after meeting mother, another knockout, I settled into a chair on the second landing, just out of view of the study.
I was woken by the the warmth of her breath whispering in my ear, combined with the enchanting fragrance of her perfume. There's someone inside the house she whispered quietly. I escorted her into her mothers room to avoid any further confusion. I'd just woken and everything seemed a little hazy still. Then I heard some rustling of papers and drawers sliding gently on their tracks coming from the study at the front of the house. I arrived just in time to see a large bulky shadow holding a pendant of a silver lined pentagram with a large red ruby in centre framed by a gold ring. The pendant went black as it dissolved into the shadows. The symbol of The Gould. A super heavy weight In the underworld. Much too dangerous to tangle with . I raised my arms in a resigned manner and froze. The shadow made a quiet exit.
I breathed a sigh of relief and knocked on mothers door. The trouble won't be coming back. I think it was just a case of him hitting the wrong residence. Just as a matter of interest what business was your husband in. Mother stated severely ' Bernard ran a successful import export business with offices in Sacramento. He went away regularly on business but was reluctant for either of us to accompany him as the business premises were noisy and dirty. I was given my $20 plus a $20 bonus for a quick result. Time to run the Plymouth down to see my favourite barmaid. A cute brunette named Glenda. I was really looking forward to a night in.