1-Be a good listener,your ears will never get you in trouble.

2-A picture is a poem without words.

3-If you fall,I'll be there for you,floor

4-When it is real you can't walk away

5-So tell me,where shall I go?To the left where nothing's right.or to the right where nothing's left?

6-Why do we close our eyes when we pray,kiss or dream?Because the most beautiful things are not seen but felt with the heart

7-Thinking of you keeps me awake,dreaming of you keeps me asleep,being with you keeps me alive.

8-How is your life?-they asked , she is fine-he answer

9-Today's moments are tomorrow's memories.

10.The worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.

11.Don't forget,it's the little thing that matter.

12.My parents say that dreams come true,but forget to mention that nightmares are dreams too.

13.Do it now,sometimes later becomes never.

14.Things get harder before you level up.Know that.

15.It's all in your head.

16.Loving you was like going to war.I never came back the same.

17.At the night,I can't sleep,in the morning,I can't wake up

18.Sometimes,you miss the memories,not the person.

19.Whose name made you drink enough to forget your own?

20.Almost is never enough.

21.Even a white rose has a black shadow.

22.If love could saved you,you would have live forever.

Hope you like it!