Hello, everyone!
I'm starting with basic facts about myself.
My name is Alise, I'm 16 (17 in two days) and I'm from Latvia.
Actually I'm pretty basic girl, I do everyday things and spend my time on the internet.
My hobby is photography. I take photographs with my phone and also with my film camera, that my dad gave to me.
I also write stuff. Like stories and something like poetry, but that's mostly in Latvian.
I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel, and I think I will start it soon, cause I have wanted to do it for such a long time.
I'm also a fangirl, but that doesn't mean that I'm not a serious person. It's not like I'm like those crazy fangirls that scream and cry (I mean, I cry sometimes). I have found so many friends throught fandoms, so, if you take a look at my channels and we have the same interests, you can message me, I never say no to new friends. :)
I don't know if there's something more about me. See you later.

- A.