Hi! Hello! I'm Hayley and I am the owner of @strawberryfreckles! A few important things you NEED to know about me are:
1. I'm from Melbourne, Australia (g'day mate!)
2. I am nearly 14 years old
3. I am a Christian
Now, if you already follow me on WHI, then you possibly might know that I play netball and I do Athletics. You might also know that I'm a MAD Geelong Cats Supporter ~ that's an AFL (Australian Football League) Team.....the best team EVER!
I love art and creative things. BUT I HATE SCHOOL ~ honestly, who doesn't? Teachers are like "You come to school to learn", and I be like " Actually, NO, I come to school to see my friends". BTW, I usually post during school classes...bcoz school is super boring that I just post instead.
If you know me well, then you know that I've had HEAPS of crushes. I'm thinking of writing some of my crush stories as articles ~ trust me, you want to hear them, some of them are REALLY interesting!
Anyway, this is the end of my first WHI Artcile, I guess. Thanks for actually giving up your time to read this. Message me if you want to get to know me or give me feedback....and also chuck me a follow!
I guess this is it. Bye for now.....
over and out,