(I am so sorry if there are english mistakes, I am french)

In the second season, we have seen a new world, possibly ours. In this one, Juliana is married to Tagomi’s son and Tagomi has disappeared.

We also know that Kotomichi, Tagomi’s man of confidence, came from that world (because of the bomb in Nagasaki).

Third fact : in the last episode we saw, Trudy is alive. Even if we saw her dead body in the first season.

I was wondering : how is all of that possible ? How can we travel in different universes ?

And then, I had an idea.

To join an other universe, you have to be dead in this one. Which makes sense because you can’t risk seeing yourself, right ?

Indeed :

→ Tagomi travels in our world. Juliana tells him that she though he killed himself (which is probably true because it is not the right Tagomi she’s talking with)

→ Kotomichi survives Nagasaki and comes to The Man in the High Castle universe. He says to Tagomi that he finds his family alive. If that family is not shocked by having two sons, it’s probably because the Kotomichi of that world is dead. It’s more easy to came back from the dead than to confront a double.

→ The Trudy we see in the last episode is the Trudy from an other universe. Indeed, if Trudy from TMITHC is dead, the door is open for a double. Maybe that’s explain what she says in the first episode « I found the reason of everything ».

Anyway, we’ll know more soon with the third season, can’t wait !