Konnichiwa, Otaku friends! Last week the new episode of Naruto Gaiden titled: Sasuke and Sarada was aired. I have read Naruto Gaiden and I have been waiting for Kishi Senpai to make this in anime and now it is finally happening, the moment Sasuke and Sarada met I can't help but felt excitement I am just so excited to for the two of them too meet like after all this years Sarada finally met Sasuke. And oh boy! My dear Sasuke, handsome as ever even Chou Chou acknowledge it! Then that little Uchiha family reunion I couldn't help but squealed because my dear SasuSaku heart <3 but I wish they put the five kage summit flashback in which Sakura is probably pregnant at that time and went together with Sasuke to travel, I'm looking forward for the next episodes of the Gaiden and of course my SasuSaku heart won't fail! <3 Please support Naruto Gaiden :)