She was bon rich
she kinda bitchy
Cant tell her noting
Cause i know she will snitch
bad mounting every day
I put my dick in her mouth
Bitch still wanna talk
I came in her eyes
She dint act surprised
She saw it cumming

Why am i still stuck with her
Thought she was the one
Look around to see she a copy
Life n media filled with fake bitches
Too Much saturation
i need to take a brake
Baby bake a cake
Fuck it dont care what you make
Is this love fake
Will i ever wake
From this fantasy i make
Is it just too late
I got too much hate , God

She always pretend
She a good gal
Told me she give up her rear end
If i put a ring on that finger
My mind still linger
I saw my ex in tinder
I raised my middle finger
Money i wasted buying her dinner

She used to tell me
she was not materialistic
She left me for that rich white boy
Told me to get more realistic
Ooh she wanted to be my good wife
But she got addicted to the good life

Im sorry all i have is pain to share
I thought you care
That how you act
And thats the fact
You couldn't even act
She said she was sorry
She had to break my heart
I know for a fact
Brake up was her best act
If she was sorry
She wouldn't have done that
On top of that
She has the balls to ask
Could we be friends
Bitch please
I dont keep loose ends

Six days passed
then i saw the morning
When i fucked a hoe
was the end of mourning
Then i started slipping
I started falling
That self destructive path
Hit the ground soo hard
Blood in my nose
Sweat smelled of alcohol
Weed and sewer rat
What was two days
Felt like a year
I feel a buzz in my ear
Heard explosion i wake in fear
I look outside and its a new year