As I took this photo sitting on a bench by the water watching it flow, I realized that sunsets are so much more than what we think them to be.
There is something about how the sun slowly disappears behind landscapes and bodies of water, that moves every individual differently.
For some it feels like a butterflies invading their stomach and their heart beating out of their chest as they watch the colors of the sky go from blue to mixes of orange and pink, while their head lays on the shoulder of the person that makes them feel alive and loved. For others, it's the feeling of sadness that comes upon you when you realize that time is passing you by quickly. For me, in that moment, it felt relaxing. The chilly end of summer breeze moved the leaves on trees to the same rhythm my hair was flowing. it felt refreshing. The change of colors in the sky reminded me of how much things have changed in so little time, much like those colors. Sitting there witnessing this event that happens everyday, everywhere but so differently for everyone felt like a reminder that we are all not so different, but yet all so unique. We all see the sunset the same but the sunset is felt and taken in differently for each one of us. The things that unite us also divide us, but that's what's beautiful about life, we all live it in our own way. Thus, in that moment, i felt like my life was uniquely beautiful and it was bliss.

Just a thought in the moment. :)