"What do you like about me?"

That was a question you would always ask me. And I would always answer, "Everything." And you would always get frustrated with me saying that I could never give you a clear answer. And I would smile, a knowing smile, and we would go to repeat the same moment almost every day.

So now, three years later I decided it was time to tell you what I liked, or rather loved, about you. For starters, I loved the way you smiled. I loved the way your eyes turned into little half moons when you grinned widely and the shy, half smile you would make when someone complimented you. I loved the dimples that would make themselves known on your cheeks and the one under your eyes. I loved your eyes, and how they would change colours along with the season. I loved how they gave away at your emotions, making it easier for me to decipher how you truly felt because you were never one to voice them. I loved your freckles during summer, and how they seemed to soften and brighten your features. You always said you hated them but I knew you only said that so that I would compliment you, because deep down you liked when I did so.

I loved your voice in the morning just after you woke up. And I loved your voice in the whisper of the night. I loved the tattoo on your forearm, as well as the one in the back of your neck. I loved those times that you still hugged me and kissed me even when I treated you like shit, and when you would pull me up off the couch and make me dance to whatever song that was on the radio with you. I loved how after our fights you always were the one to apologize even if I was wrong. It taught me that my ego should never be more important making up with the person I love. You were always the mature between the two of us. I loved when you would take me on surprise trips during some weekends, and others when we would just order takeout and later sit on the couch or lay in bed just talking about random things. I loved how I could trust you and believe you because I knew you would have never judged or lied to me.

But most of all, I loved how you were always you. You were always fearless and honest even when you had everything to fear and honesty would get you nowhere. I loved your way with words, and how you always had the answer to so many problems. And I loved how you still loved and cared for me even after it as clear I did not return the feelings any longer.

I hope that you are happy with your current life and hope you know that I hold no hard feelings for you leaving.