Autumn leaves descend from the golden trees all around me and onto the concrete I stand on. I breathe in the crisp cold air. Standing still I let out a sigh of impatience. Feeling the need to glance at my watch I admire the ivory tone it took on. The same tone His face shown except there was a red tint present on his nose and cheeks thanks to the chilly weather. It's midnight now. Where was he at this time? He had wanted to meet up. At our destination I become restless and FaceTime him to no avail this time I search the park but he was no where to be found. Deciding to call him I clutch my galaxy and click on His name. His contact photo showed me and Him smiling, his lips on my cheek. He wore a dark gray t-shirt, black jeans, dark red sneakers, and in his ears were his white earphones connected to his phone which sat in his sweatshirt.
-Not finished but this is what I have so far. This is part of a short story I want to write.