The night sky was made up by your stars
which i mapped out
To find you were amongst a billion others, till i pulled you out
Like many you were lost within the stars
still held your beauty, but loosing you left a scar,
knowing i could travel the world and forever unknowingly see you Is perhaps why space was made,
to uncover all our truths.
The truth being our change of hearts.

The tremble of our lifeline
sent out an echo toward my blinding mind unable to see i waited for the nights turn away till the light come near and i was safe.
We were strangers to suffering
built up on safety’s hands, i lied
saying our love was comforting

mavourneen you were no fairytale,
our ruthless journey left me afraid
but i went home feeling the night growing longer

trying to connect the stars, number by number
a line between each dot, a picture is formed
to create the discrete image of what we have found

what we have found is different to that what i have and know, i know what I’m not, however
what i am
has been lost the moment we made plans

our secrets i wrote down only for us
it was a trust i grew weary of
falling in the arms of a beauty that created chaos.

Our locks were bent in Paris gates and the key was drowned by the water bay.
you were a beauty meant to keep me safe, that day i fell too quickly the ground shock my body, you lead me to think
it was gravity that betrayed

The heaviness i hold comes from gravity, the beauty of security
crushed my heart rather obscurely
for my hands weren’t quick enough
as i fell against earths dust,
so close to threading apart

We let go when it hurts too much
i feel a subtle ache for yesterdays heartache
Today we broke something unable to be fixed
We let go as we shut down
Today our words are meaningless ,

our hearts
together formed a vivid love
that was cut loose
our rusty veins that broke us with no excuse

Still you are a star my brain stops to stare
when scanning distant memories,
i could hope to bare

Your striking nature surpassed me quick enough, to ignite a flame.
i held my breath desperate to keep from ruining this game
only for the smell of smoke to blind my eyes.
our love was one i never romanticised

Our hourglass lost all its sand on top
crying out our times up
but it has been turned once again on its side
and now i wait for the memory of you to distance itself in the past,
and become a forgotten line

Its slower this time round
our ‘in the moment’ love affair
became a unique tender, stuck in our heart’s despair
now the exercise of falling has me unable to lose
the memories we made so clear.
staining a bruise

i wonder...
Are you too having the same thoughts as me?
Waking up from the same dreams?
only to be surrounded by the loudest silence we’ve ever heard since you were near

When you were here, you whispered “you’re okay”
we changed in instances
i lost myself knowing you,
unable to find what was mine and what to leave behind

were you a mistake?
An accidental fault in fates design
As i grow i will never know

But as one amongst a billion, i was able to pass them all
and find you, a beauty that told me
“love is a set of dreams we have and don’t understand maturely”

mavourneen you were a dream
set in pitch black
i so have desperately wanted to see.
Our time together was no different to a depressing movie scene.