Hello! How are you? I'm glad you came into my article. Here you can find many pictures of crafts with rocks that you have in your house, or that you have brought of the vacations, of a walk, etc. I hope you like them! Remember that it is not necessary to do perfectly each step, you can go personalizing your creations to the way you like 😄

Here we go...

mandala stones 🎨

I know that these are a little bit difficult, but you can try anyway

diy and rock image diy, mandala, and paint image stones, mandala, and art image
mandala stones (black & white)
stone, art, and rock image Image by Ruth art, stone, and rock image rock, summer, and beach image Image by Havas Eva art, stone art, and mandellot image Image by Felisammc Image by Marina Belen Ramos Soriano Image by Camila
cactus 🏜
diy, cactus, and plants image diy, cactus, and stone image
inspirational words 🌼
diy, art, and rock image harry potter, expecto patronum, and always image
landscapes ☀️
art, sea, and beach image art and painting image
owls 🦉
owl, stone, and rock image Image by ♥♡ Zahaira ♡♥
Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Bye! 😚 😋