_Hey there, it's me again, I really appreciated that the one-shot was well received, and it is in fact because of that, that it gave me the courage to post the part II of the same work! So in other words it is a series of one-shots that my friends an I worked at Literature class. I hope you like this one as much as the first post. _

'A Drink to Win the Game'
I think I have something…

Something that I’m not so sure of, I don’t know if it’s bad or not; but it eases my worries, my doubts, and makes me imagine, the perfect world which I would like to be in. I feel the warmth of the burgundy red, spicy, floral liquid; traveling down my throat. I love the smell of the burgundy elixir; its scent is so mouthwatering, too irresistible to ignore.

He watches me. I tell him to join me in this dazzling feast. He says no, no thank you; I have already passed that phase. I tell him no. he must join me; the red liquid is too beautiful. He answers "I have a better idea, why not open the champagne bottle." He says that it has a better taste than the burgundy liquid; that all my dreams will come true if I just take a sip of it.

He opens the bottle, and then gives it to me…

I can’t deny that it does taste supremely sublime. I start to feel dizzy. I know that it is because of the alcohol; but I don’t really care. He sees that I’m morbidly drunk. He suddenly tells me to stop this nonsense. I said to him that I don’t mind being drunk as long as he is with me, joining me in this crazy alcoholic feast.

He seems worried.

I am too drunk to care about his feelings, so I shout at him to leave me alone in my morbid fantasy. He doesn’t leave. Why is he still here? Even though I just made him feel bad and he doesn’t shout or cry; he just stares at me. I turn around, I can’t bear his stares. I continue to drink. I feel his gaze around the bottle of the burgundy red liquid; I didn’t like the champagne. He hesitates; he asks if I want to continue to see him. I tell him yes.

I feel dizzy...

I know that I drank too much.

I think that what I have is something wrong.

But if I want to see him

I will drink.

'As I said previously, this one-shot but this is just pure fiction, a project that my friends and I had to accomplish, I do not support any sort of act that is related to having suicidal thoughts and acts, so if you or someone you know have these thoughts and acts, please seek help or lend a helping hand'

'Also please let me know if you liked or not this one-shot with post-cards, I can still write other stuff, but if you want to me to continue posting this type of fiction or not, let me know'