You were my light, my happiness
You were everything that I wanted and more
You gave me hope, a glimmer of what was possible
Your smile, oh that god damn smile
Your laugh, music to my ears
You eyes, I could get lost in them...
and I did.

2 years, that's how long it all lasted before you realized
They were right, everyone was right
You could do better than me
And at the start, you thought that I was the best thing that happened to you
Before you to realised, there were so many more fish in the sea

You left, no goodbye, no warnings
I cried
And I cried
And I cried
But you weren't coming back, of course, you weren't
Because I wasn't good enough
But you were different
You were too good
Too good for me
Too good for this world
And too good for my Golden Tears...

Thank you for reading my first article post thing. I thought I'd give it a try, cause why not. I hope you liked it, I just started writing about something and here it is. (Ps I'm 14, this stuff ain't gonna be perfect)