She busted her back last night

Trying to fix her life and find her light

She didn't know about the butterfly

That lived near her, waiting to say hi

She was conscious of the dangers around her

Though she played with them until the fetters

She won't feel fear

Even if the authority stood near

She followed the butterfly

Finding it funny, that he was shy

She knew she was born from dark waters

Still, she led the butterfly further

She laughed at the butterfly's jokes

Loving the ashy smell of the smokes

She battled with the butterfly's mind

Finding a way into his heart's kind

She busted her back the next night

Trying to find the butterfly's right

He busted his back last night

Trying to bring himself back to life

He didn't know about the butterfly

That lived near, she was trouble, alright

He watched from afar as she caught fire

Taking his sadness and crumbling it with desire

He always felt conspicuous

But the authority never saw him as promiscuous

He laughed as he led her upon the tree

Loving the thought of being free

He knew she carried a shameful past

But he only saw an eccedentesiast

He bit his lip as she showed him

The reason for her actions, feeling her to the brim

He never thought he would reach the fetters

But that's what he got for reading the letters

He busted her back the next night

Treating her, drinking her, touching her just right