welcome! this is my first article and there's nothing better to start your first article with than a introduction about you. Okay, so i'm going to be sharing some things about me. Like my interests, favorites, etc. First, my name is Jersey, and i'm from Germany, which is a country from Europe. I do speak German, and Dutch. I did dance in Germany, and I loved it. It was just so fun, instead of worrying if I have all of this and that, I just, had fun. My favorite colors are, gold, black, white, blue, dandelion, orange, grey, green, and yeah. I like to swim, dance of course, sing, and I LOVE stunting, like cheer stunting. I wouldn't consider myself "boring", I usually always start conversations, and stuff. My birthday is, December 23. I know the day before Christmas Eve. I would like to speak French when I grow up, and, actually right now i'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I WOULD consider myself a good artist, like not so good with paint, but good at drawing and stuff. To wrap this all up, I LOVE WEHEARTIT! I totally recommend it. Thank You So Much for reading, please heart this, and check out my posts, I'll be returning people I see in my notifications.
Have A Great Day ♡