*-This is a bit of a story that I found in an old journal of mine. I've decided to try my hand at writing so I'll be slowly developing this story and creating as I go. I Dont have an editor so I apoligize for any typos. Please bare with me- *

She gave up on trying to live out there. She'd been there too long. Everyone had already made up their mind about her and she had already been everywhere so there was nowhere left to explore. It didn't help that she had explored all those places alone, but I guess when you're unique, it's hard to find someone who's down to do all the crazy shit you wanna do. She decided that she needed to leave everything behind. The people she knew, the places she'd been, and the impressions she'd left. Most of all, her "family" whom she'd never actually felt a real connection with. They weren't exactly the best support system. But where to? She'd thought about Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee, but how would she get anywhere? It's not like she had wealthy parents who could just drive her there or buy her a brand new car (like some of her high school friends).

Sometimes she felt really close to her friends but she knew she wasnt. The last time shed had a best friend (that she hadnt imagined up) was the first day of first grade. His name was Alec.