this whole thing of "punk rock is dead" is fucking pissing me of bad.

now you're gonna be like "oh you don't even like punk rock, because you listen to metal bands", just because i listen to other fucking genre's it doesn't mean that i don't think like a punk, being a punk means not agreeing with society, not agreeing with the government, breaking the rules, it means not being afraid for being yourself.

I've seen lots of kids wearing leather and rocking a mohawk calling themselves punk even though they don't even know the concept of it.

yesterday my own brother asked me "why don't you dress up like punks?", being a punk doesn't mean you have to wear a leather, rock a mohawk (which i use to have), it means being an anarchy, dressing up like a punk doesn't makes you punk, thinking like an anarchy makes you a punk.

damn, i'm so angry with this society, i just wanna trash everything around until i'm calm.

if i heard you saying "punk rock is dead", i won't hesitate to argue your point.

thanks for reading this shitty/angry article.