I really love to stay late at night, go outside and hear the silence, feel calmness and serenity, the softness of breeze in your face when you are seeing the sky with the lovely Moon and the Stars.

This is basically for people who like to stay awake at night or for those who can't sleep.

It's very comforting and relaxing to listen calming songs and trying to forget all in your mind and the world..


  • Miso – Take Me
  • Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Someone to Stay
  • Heize – You, Clouds, Rain
  • 11:11 – You
  • offonoff – Moon, 12:04AM
  • Hoody – Your eyes
  • Dean ft. Crush, Jeff Bernat – What 2 Do
  • Astrid Holiday – New Beginning
  • Luhan – Catch me When I fall
  • The Marias – I Don't Know You

I hope you enjoyed and