Hey there,

Here's a list of artists that I love pretty much. This is so big and I am completely sure that I'll have to update it as soon as I remember the few artists that I've supposed have forrgotten.

Here I go:

+30 Seconds to Mars
+Guns n Roses
+Jon Bon Jovi
+Stone Temple Pilots
+Backstreet Boys
+Foo Fighters
+Rolling Stones
And the list of rock band go on...

+Mariah Carey
+Britney Spears (not that much)
+Rihanna (few songs)
+Lana Del Rey
+Alanis Morissette
+Camila Cabello

+Justin Bieber
+Justin Timberlake
+Shawn Mendes

  • And yes the list is infinity.

Love and Peace, xo.