First of all,
Hello everyone!!! How are you doing?

My name's Raquel Cruz but you can call me Kel Cruz, Oh forgot to say Raquel not Rachel :D
I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, I love travelling and yeah traveling revive our souls and I believe that you can be and do everything you want to.


Well, am a pisces (rising and moon) it means i'm a double pisces what it is the same that artistic and very emotional.

I love arts in general since music 'til painting and craftwork.
PLUS --- I LOVE to sing. (Who doesn't, right?)
I lost my father when I was 14 years old, am the youngest of two.

Am Fashion Producer/Stylist, singer at free times, I love social networks (WHI is the best) and I hate cruelty against animals.

This is just a little bit of a messy pisces mind.
Hope to bring amazing stuff for you guys and thank you for readig this.

Have I said this place WHI is magical? Love this place, what about you?

Love, Laugh, Live.