How would you see the world behind a pair of dark glasses?

Audrey Turner is a fourteen-year-old girl who suffers from an anxiety disorder. Every time she feels threatened she hides herself behind her beloved dark glasses. After "the incident" at school, eye contact is not an option for her. She wishes she could at least be able to control her mind not to freak out in front of people... But she can't.

Audrey is not alone. With the help of her family, and Dr Sarah (her psychologist), slowly but surely she's beginning to get over her illness. However, she's still unable to leave home. She's not quite ready yet. But this won't last forever, there's something...One thing that shakes her world completely...a thing named Linus.

Linus is her brother's game-mate. The pair usually meet once or twice a week, of course not at Audrey's house. Suddenly, they are left with nowhere to train for the competition, and the only place they can go to is the Turner's house. She has to face it.

Linus takes every chance he gets to speak with Audrey. First writing in a little paper, and then after a while, he becomes one of the few persons with whom Audrey can be truly herself. The way Kinsella writes puts you right in Audrey's shoes. I would say that it's impossible not to fall in love with the way Linus treats Audrey. One of the greatest things about this book is that, even though there's a teen couple, it is not the typical stereotype of perfect girl and perfect boy.

It also gives you food for thought. In my case, it influenced a lot my views on life. It changed the way I saw the rest of the people. Now I know that even though we may not see it, each person has its own issues, and the way you treat others can affect them depending on the situation they are going through.

To conclude I would say that Finding Audrey is a wonderful book. Very easy to read and also to love. I totally recommend it for teenagers, but also if you are an adult and you like young adult novels', I'm telling you this is the one you're looking for.

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