I've been bilingual for a couple of years now and I'm finally confident with both of my languages (the one I was raised in and the one I chose). At least enough to write an article about it.

So, I'm brazilian and, naturally, speak Portuguese. It is the language my parents and my sister speak with me when I'm with them and it is the first I've ever learned. And Portuguese is a pretty cool language (as all the Latin Languages are). I find it hard and beautiful at the same time, and I'm really greatful for knowing the idiom so well (at least I think so).

Anyway, when I was about twelve or something, I started learning my second language, English. I wanted so badly to understand the language that was around me all the time. I wanted to compreend the movies and series I watched, the music I listened to and pretty much 80% of all the posts on the internet,

My parents were very supportive about it, they helped me anyway they could and, after a lot of struggle and mistakes, I slowly acomplished my goal. And now, as I write this kind of mediocre article you're reading, I'm very proud of myself. And I want to help you feel proud of yourselves too. So here are some thoughts about being bilingual:

- the best way of learning something, anything, is praticing. I know it sound boring, but it's important to pratice speaking, reading, writing, listening in every chance you have.

- one of the things most of people are afraid about (me included) is speaking and I get it: it's really hard to find the perfect pronunciation to foreign words. However, the feeling of failure can not stop you from trying.

- there's no such thing of knowing 100% of your second language, Hell, I don't know if I know 100% of my first language, even.

- frustration sucks, I know it, and learning a new language could be a very slow and hard process. Just don't give up, ok?

- try to learn something new everyday about the language you studying. Whether it's a new slang or a grammar rule, new knowledge is always cool.

I HOPE YOU LIKED and that this article was useful somehow. At first, I was kind of trying to write something more general about bilingualism (something bilingual people could relate to) but the article turns out to be really personal, huh? Anyway, I have one more thing to say (this one is more of a advice): if you already know two languages (like me), learn one more (also like me)! Right now I'm studying Spanish and I'm freaking loving it! (who knows? my next post might be written in Spanish or something...)

Want to talk to me about anything? Send me a post card! (it could be in English, Portuguese or Spanish)