I'm going to start off with some general advice for everyone then go in depth with specific grades.

These are some things I've learned from the the few years I've been in high school that I think would really be valuable to any high schooler.

1. Make and capture memories.

High school is going to end. This is the place you've spent most of your memorable years at and you've got the responsibility to make the most of it. Go to football games. You're going to regret not going in the future. Be involved in every way possible and take pictures of these moments because most likely some of them you will forget. Be a part of a team. Get out of your comfort zone and join a sport because you're going to join the adult world and these things won't be so easy to do anymore.

The opportunity won't exist as much anymore to be a part of a team and do a sport and there will probably be a time in life later on where you might look back and say you wish you did it. That's why I'm making this post; so that you don't have to do that.

2. Understand that college is not your only option.

This is something you don't learn at school. It's as simple and clear as this. If you look at the majors offered and the careers that come with them and you're not interested in any then college isn't for you.

So now what, you just found out you're not interested in becoming a Lawyer or doctor and you don't know what to do. Don't worry baby, we're living in the 21st century. We are truly the lucky generation because we've got something that probably produces the most income in the world at our fingertips. That's technology. You don't have to worry. You don't have to work at your local grocery store or under anyone.

Give yourself the gift of knowledge of opportunities arising. It's so easy to become rich off the internet. From becoming an influencer on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or any social networking platform, to creating your own million dollar social media marketing agency to dropshipping and getting paid up to $1000 to do Facebook Ads for a business. Opportunity online is endless.

3. Classes are only hard if you don't study. They can be the easiest thing in the world.

I used to think my brain didn't understand math because I just couldn't comprehend what the bajesus i was learning in algebra or geometry which I both almost failed. Junior year, when I took algebra 2, the last quarter of the school year where I had the most tests, quizzes and homework to prepare for my final exam, I maintained an A throughout.

This is was surprising and not so surprising to me because I always used to say I didn't get math but I realized me taking time out of my day and studying, practicing and actually reviewing my notes from class and re-writing them made math so much easier and understandable for me.

Now let's hop in to Freshman Advice

- This is one of the most important years of your high school years because this is where your GPA starts. If you're planning on going to go to college then make sure you're on top of it freshman year. If you've got all A's and maybe three B's for the year and your GPA is a 3.5, then great because if you don't try your freshman year and end up with a 2.0 GPA, that will be the hardest thing ever to try and bring up versus trying to bring down a 3.5 GPA. Trust me, this was the mistake I made.

- Love school. I can't stress that enough. You have to make this a great time because you'll be spending four years here. Becomes friends with as many people as you can, even if some people seem intimidating, at the end of the day we're all just human. We're all just people in need of each other. Find good friends, make plans, live a little, I'm not encouraging skipping class but if you think you'll be having a good time with your friends, go ahead. Live. Don't be scared, on the other side of fear is the most rewarding thing you will ever find.

Freshman & Sophomore Advice

- Educate yourself on your future because no one else is going to do it for you. I learned this later on. I was a clueless 14 year old in 9th grade, no idea that a GPA had a significant impact on my college admission, no idea how it was calculated, no clue about any colleges in my state and only knew Harvard University which became my dream college with a very sad 2.6 GPA. This is why I know it's hard to get your GPA up if it starts low. 9th grade my GPA was a 2.6 then 10th grade although I did better became a 2.5 and Junior year, my best year, with three A's, 2 b's and 2 c's, a 2.6

- Have fun. This is the most important thing. Like I said in the beginning of the post, go to games, join clubs, stay afterschool with your friends or by yourself, become friends with your teachers, you're gonna remember these people for a long time, develop a relationship with me because you might wish you did later on. (At least the ones you like)

Junior and Senior Year Advice

- Start thinking about what you want your future and life to look like. Do you want to travel after school's done? You wanna take a gap year? Do you wanna work? Follow your dreams of becoming an actress? What do you want?

- Hang out with your friends a lot more often. Most likely you won't have a class with a lot of your friends you've made and had class with previous years but don't let that kill your friendship. Find things to do and stop being lazy. Being social is important and developing these skills before you leave high school is crucial because when you do, you've gotta make friends on your own in the real world. You won't be put in a class with a group of people and make friends that way anymore, you have to talk to strangers, you have to be out there and that's why social skills are important.