Do you look forward to waking up every morning or do you just do it because you have to?
Do you have days when you cannot leave your bed, your chest heavy and your mind filled with dark thoughts?
Do you lie and tell people you are ill, because they simply can't understand what you are going through?
Do you curl up at night and cry yourself to sleep?
Do you feel like screaming sometimes even when you can't speak?
Do you try to keep the demons away, by pretending you're okay?

Why do you hide your scars, darling?
Why do you insist on keeping everything to yourself, thinking no one will be there?
Don't you know that I will be there?
Don't you know that I see what you're trying to hide?
So why is it that you cannot see me, desperately trying to reach you?
Am I invisible?
Or are you shutting your eyes, closing yourself off?