Hi persons in WHI. I really like this new feature from WHI, I hope you enjoy it the same as me. Today I'm going to write a review about Louis Tomlinson's new song. I hope you like it.

The song Back To You from the british singer Louis Tomlinson featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals is a very nice song. Their voices sound so good together, and the song gives you some feelings that any Louis Tomlinson's songs have ever make you feel.

louis tomlinson and back to you image

And talking about the video, there's no words that can explain how beautiful it is. The fact that I personally like the most is that was recorded on Doncaster, Louis hometown. I think the outfits there were simple but looked really good in them. Bebe and Louis looked so relaxed and enjoying what they were doing in the video. Nothing forced

louis tomlinson, back to you, and one direction image

Well that's all for today's articule. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it and don't forguet to press the like button. All The Love. Bye