I don't believe in love at first sight. Because love at first sight means falling in love with a face, with a smile, with a look but this isn't love. It's attraction, it's a vibe, it's a feeling but this is not love. I think that this whole knowing-he/she-is-the-right-one at first sight is an insult to love. It's an insult to all people down there who love truly and deeply, who cultivates their feelings, who work hard everyday to extend them and make them grow , who take years to know their lover's soul, dreams, goals but also their fears and learn how to shut hem down. It's an insult to people who make flowers grow in ther lover's heart and draw out the uniqueness of their spirit, who love them when they are the strongest but also the weakest , who make 2 arms feel like home , who give chances when they aren't anymore to give. Love is loving every inches of their body and every atoms of their souls love is hard work and something two people built up together. So in honor of true love don't call someone who brutally draw your attention "the one". Never.