Hi, I'm going to tell you how my first love broke my heart.

ps-You know that song "The moment I knew" from Taylor Swift, it describes exactly what I went through, you call listen while reading.

I was really in love with him, we were doing the long distance thing.
We just had to be strong for 3 months, just until my birthday.
We talked about that, I was so excited to introduce him to my family and then he stopped talking to me.
He stopped talking me a week before my birthday.
I was sad, embarace, there were times where he would stop talking me for a couple of days (I know it's weird but I loved him so much I didn't want to mess it up) however, this time was different.
As the days went by, I started to get more nervous, anxious I didn't know what was happening.
So now we are hours away from my birthday, I decided that was enough, I sent a message on facebook, turns out I was blocked...
I cried so much... I didn't deserve it, I was a really good girlfriend... That was it, I texted him, to his phone, saying it was over.

I'm near my parents
They said "happy birthday"
I faked a smile and said thank you
Went to my bedroom and cried all night

I wanted a text from you, a call, I was waiting for that amazing speech saying how much you loved me. I just wanted to talked to you. The most important person, the one I really wanted to see was the one missing.

Birthday Party
My family is arriving

-Where is your boyfriend?
-...he couldn't make it..

It really hurt, I was about to cry. Everyone asked me where was he, why isn't he here?
I tried to focus on me, it was my birthday, it was supposed to be happy.

High School

-I'm sorry I wasn't there..
-Why did you blocked me?
-I didn't, my facebook was hacked.

Hacked, can you imagine?

-You didn't answer my text either.
-I was in Spain and it would be expensive.

I did the most stupid thing I could possibly do.
I took me back.
Worst mistake ever

Now I know
If he really loved me, he would have find a way to talk to me.

I'm going to post the rest of the story, you can chek it out.