Hi!! I'm Camila
So here you are going to see literally everything, since healthy food to self-confidence and new perspective, it`s just a little space for all of us that are trying to conquer the world, but we have more questions than the hairs of our head, so feel free to ask anything NO ONE is going to judge or try to make you feel bad.

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So... I will start by introducing myself:
My name is Camila (like I have said before), I'm 17 years old and counting, I like the pink and the blue, my hobbies are listening to music and go shopping #crazyforclothe, I'm left handed, travel lover 4 ever, I like to break rules and I'm just a normal girl that wants to write and stay every day at home watching Netflix.
If you read until this you`re great, comment if you like it and what would you like me to write about the next time and welcome to my tiny little world.

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Writing soon,