It is currently 1:31 a.m. and instead of sleeping, I am sitting at my desk in my pajamas, writing an article on WHI because I found out about the new update. I could not begin to express in words how much this new update touched my heart, but I will attempt it anyway

As a writer and a poet, the prospect of sharing my work with you guys, who I have grown to love greatly over the years, seemed amazing. But greater even than my desire to spread my work is my desire to change the world and this is why I was so moved...

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You see this summer for me has been one of deep change. I discovered a lot about myself and the world. I took part in some amazing philanthropic projects that restored my hope and faith in humanity. I had some of the most amazing conversations with some of the most incredibly intelligent and passionate people I have ever met, and I strengthened some beliefs while changing others. All this led me to one common result...

I believed once again.
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When you are facing an entire world of pain and war, famine and disease, corruption and evil, it is so easy to fall into that bottomless pit of despair and depression. Who on earth was I to think that I could change the world? I was only a minuscule, minute being in this evil world; I was powerless. That was my reality for many years until at some point I became complacent and compassionless. I stopped watching the news to avoid making myself feel negative... After all, if it didn't affect me or anyone I knew, did it really matter? I stopped listening to people when they spoke to me of their problems... They were being so negative when I was so happy in my little bubble of positivity.

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For me, WHI was an escape, a safe haven in all this evil. A place where all was peaceful and calm and loving.

This summer, however, all of that changed. All these positive experiences and great conversations gave me the confidence I needed to believe not only in my own capacity to change the world but most importantly, in the world's capacity to change itself. I discovered a very important fact; Yes, I was a powerless, minute being alone, but when I stood side by side with all the incredible people willing to sacrifice all that they had for even the slightest chance for change, I was suddenly capable of incredible things.

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We heart it, for me, played a key role in this transition. As a feminist, humanitarian, and peace activist, I wanted to change the world. We heart it allowed me to do just that, one inspirational quote or image at a time. Within the safe haven of WHI, I found others like me, who would give their own lives to change the life of someone else, I found hope and confidence... I found the potential for miracles.

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For this reason, when I heard about the new update, my heart nearly levitated from excitement and hope. Here was the chance I had been waiting for to change my tiny corner of the world, to learn and grow within a community of passionate, creative, beautiful people who in the past few years have been responsible for most of my positivity and sanity. To share the love, joy, peace, humility, passion, inspiration and motivation in a much more direct and close manner...

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I believe that we can change the world. And I believe that platforms such as WHI play an invaluable role in helping us do that. So Thank You WHI. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to change the world one word, one article, one collection, one thought at a time.

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Always with Love and Peace <3
- Indigo Sunrise