Back to school season is here! I have gathered together a "What's in my backpack" article for your enjoyment. It might even give you an idea of what to bring back to school. Hope this helps!

Let's start off with the basics:

  • A Backpack

I like to choose something cute and functional.

school image
Jansport floral, poppy print backpack
  • Notebooks

I prefer 1 five subject notebook and 1 cute notebook.

college, highschool, and school image college, marble, and notebook image
White Five Star notebook | White Marble Notebook
  • Folders

Can't forget folders to hold your homework assignments.

school image
White & gold polka dots | Black & white stripes
  • 3 Ring Binders

I think choosing a plain white binder is great because then you can always customise it. Try using scrapbook paper and/or monogram it.

college, highschool, and school image
White binder with scrapbook paper and monogram
  • Planner

Planners are super important in your senior year of high school or in college to help keep everything organized. Try the Happy Planner!

back and white, college, and gold image
Black & white polka dot happy planner
  • Pencil Case

Don't forget a cute new pencil case to keep all your school stationery in.

gray, pencil, and pencil case image
Gray with white polka dots floral pencil case
  • Stationery

Buying new pens and pencils are the best part of back to school shopping for me. Try the gel highlighters for a no smudge, easy to use highlighter.

college, highschool, and pens image back, clips, and college image
Pens, pencils, highlighters, binder clips
  • Erasers

I know, erasers are a part of "stationary." But these donut erasers were just too cute to not debut! Get some fun erasers as well as more practical ones.

donut, eraser, and school image
  • Girl Necessities

Get a small pouch for extra hair ties, bobby pins, a mini mirror, a mini deodorant, hand sanitizer, lotion, body spray, chap stick, tampons, pads, Advil, band-aids, a mini hairbrush, makeup remover wipes, and my personal favorite, Tide to go! Also, keep some extra cash in here for emergencies.

girl, college, and school image
Back to school necessities
  • Makeup

While you're at it, add some simple makeup to that pouch. If you like to wear makeup, chances are you will probably need to reapply at some point in between classes. Best to be prepared!

college, highschool, and school image
Natural lip stick, eyeliner, mascara, natural eyeshadow

I would also recommend some concealer and pressed powder.

  • Phone

I know not everyone has a phone, but if you do be sure to have it with you along with a charger. I use mine as a calendar and a clock, and I have an app that my school uses to post homework.

apple, iphone, and stripes image
iPhone 7

Hope this helped give you an idea of what to bring back to school. Stay tuned for articles on "Back to School Outfits" and "Back to School Advice" coming soon!!