I feel like everyone has that one "perfect" day.For example my perfect day is waking up after a night of beautiful heavy rain,filling a cup of tea,looking out of the window seeing everything wet and the sun just rising,me filled with nostalgia and memories,in deep thoughts,having an argument with myself about how life is short and all I do is just stay home watching movies instead of going out,taking a shower instead of swimming in a lake or listening music through my headphones instead of being out in a coffee shop.
After making the bed,washing my teeth and my face I go to the kitchen and find mom making pancakes,I offer to help,an offer which she refuses of course,I boil some milk and take some Nutella,sit in the dining table surrounded by my family,we're eating and talking and laughing.After that we do the dishes and the chores get ready and go out to a coffee shop for some coffee and a dessert.

We stay there,when it starts to rain we go out,open our umbrellas,and walk home.As we arrive home we rest,watch a movie while the rain turns into a heavy rain.We finish the movie,get up and start making dinner.After the dinner is ready we start making the dining table,all together,after we finish we realise the rain has stopped and as my family starts drinking tea I go to my room,take out a book,sit next to my window with a cup of camomile tea,listening to the rain and without realising it I have fallen asleep.
My mom wakes me up so I'd sleep in my bed,I kiss my mother goodnight,fall into my bed,turn to my right side,say my prayers and fall asleep.