Thank you my darling..

Thank you for leaving my side when I needed you the most.
Thank you for all your lies and broken trust, broken heart.
Thank you for leaving me to go to that easy one who did nothing but cheated on you.

Shout out to you baby, I ain't even mad. Somehow all you did was made me stronger.
Guess I was maybe to boring for you. You know, loving so much not even being able to get mad at all your shit.
Trusting you more than anyone, blaming my parents for not believing in you, in us.

Should have listened to my mother when she said "Don't get attached to easy, sometimes they don't care.."
She knew what she was talking about. Should've really trust he.

But from the day you left, I knew, no matter how hard it is, that I don't want you back in my life.
This time, pride was bigger than all the love I had for you.

But don't worry silly boy, I was broken before you even came, all your game did was made me stronger.

Thank you my darling..