Inspired by @pompous_ 's article, I would like to add my opinion on this really important subject.

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In 2017, "embracing" your body was more like a trend than a true belief. All of these girls were saying that they loved their body but still tried to change it.
I am not implying that you should't be able to lose weight if you think that you'd feel better with yourself, but not for acceptance by other people.

Everyone has a different body type

We all have that one friend who keeps eating but doesn't gain so much weight. Each person has a different body type which depends on your genes or your parents'. So if you don't have a skinny body but have a healthy way of life, you should know that it's just your natural body, and you should love that and not be ashamed of it.

Muscles weight more than fat

Okay, I might not be 100% sure of this fact, but I think it's true. (98%). Don't always trust your weight meter. If you have muscles, they weight more than fat, so if you see you have a bigger number but you haven't got any visible fat anywhere and have not gotten taller, you might have built more muscles, and this is good. Anyway, it's just a number, it doesn't define you!

Tips for loving and accepting yourself

I won't write many since @pompous_ has covered that area (you should check her article out btw, it is really helpful!) But here are my top tips for loving YOUR body

  • surround yourself with positive people
  • only weight yourself once a month or every two months (if you are in a healthy condition and don't need to keep track of your weight loss-gain)
  • say "I'm beautiful and unique" every time you look at yourself in the mirror

This was all, hoped you liked my article
xx, alceste

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