(I know lot's of people would try to find the english trans for DΞΔN's rap in Bermuda Triangle for the remix so here it is)

Beyond the streets, making a mark on the entire world,
So and so copies my songs,
That's something to joke about whilst drinking,
That's all that is worth, so who cares?
Increasing pretense yeah, full of lies,
Saying weird things,
Trying to act cool whilst all in your face, more and more of these types of people, yeah,
the problem isn't that it's not at all cool, but it's the fact that you don't know this,
Oh my, it's our time,
You haven't seen something like this, it is first time,
Oppa is experienced, just follow my lead,
I'm the best you ever had yeah,
I said best you ever had no Drake,
two porches riding down the streets,
When when we comin' at your face,
Ddu, Ddu, Ddu, ddu, duu, duu, duu, Put your hands in the air.