It's hard to breathe. You are constantly on my mind and life doesn't seem to move forward. I feel stuck in one place, like the world is not letting me go.
Your love had me feeling like nothing could ever pull me down, like I was invulnerable. But here I am, alone in this darkness without you. The world is spinning but I am stuck, reminiscing about you. I want the world to eat me up, I want to leave, to disappear.
Because after you left all I feel is heartache. My whole body is numb from where you used to touch me. I miss you with every breath I take, my mind going back to times we had together. You used to be mine but now you're curled up with someone else.

Now you're with someone else.

And I hope they treat you good, I hope they give you the things I never could. I hope they make you smile and call you beautiful everyday. I hope they kiss your forehead because I know how much you like that. I hope they hug you tight when you're having a bad day and that they listen to you when you rant. I hope they sing with you in the car and dance with you at parties. I hope they treat you right and do all the things I didn't do.

All the things I would do, if you were mine again.