Name: Stephanie
Nicknames: Steph or Hobbit
Gender: Female
Zodiac: Taurus #ThatBullLife

Major: Hospitality specializing in Theme Park and Attraction Management
Sexual Orientation: Pan and Proud!
Hogwarts House: SLYTHERIN!!
Favorite Color: Any shade of blue
Favorite animal(s): Red Pandas, Giant Pandas, and Elephants
Average Hours of Sleep: Honestly, not much b/c I have sleeping problems due to anxiety and stress. So if I'm lucky I get 4-5
Cat or Dog Person: I love both but I have two cats; Spock and Leeloo
Favorite Fictional Characters: SO MANY! Josh Washington (Until Dawn), Loki (Avengers), Daisy Johnson (AoS), Toby Curtis (Scorpion), Kylo Ren (SW), Groot (GotG), Captain Cold (DC), Cisco Ramon (DC), Iris West (DC), Ban (Seven DS) .... I could go on!
Favortie Band/Singer: Brendon Urie from P!@TD and Adam Lambert, Papa III, FOB, Walk the Moon, Shinedown

Dream Trip: An Alaskan Cruise! or Every theme park in the world!
Dream Job:I want to run the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

I am a very open person (for the most part)! I am here to talk if you need it! Send me postcards and you'll get one back!