Hey, hi, hello? umm how do i start this lol
i have always wanted to make a blog but for some reason never did but here i am now, gonna try to keep this up

soo i'm gonna be writing about my recovery from depression, anxiety, pessimist thinking and suicidal thoughts , lately i've been feeling better but it's still hard to stay positive and strong. Now idk if anyne is gonna care or read these but imma still write them, for myself :)

background story as to how everything began :
- Back in 2015 my parents divorced, i shut myself down and my best friend left me, that only made things worse bc i isolated myself from everyone and lost all other friends. I didn't have will to study or go to school, when ur parents are divorcing usually they will try to win u over by buying u stuff or mentally, and of course my family decided to fuck up my mental state even more by telling me stuff and playing the victims and well... u can imagine how that went down. November that same year i was at my worst and tried to commit suicide , my anxiety was over the roof all that time, now looking back i don't quite remember things, all i can remember is this silence that was tearing me apart and everything else is foggy.. okay so now after almost 2 years i'm finally starting to get better and everyday i'm fighting against this darkness that almost took away my life. i decided that i must change, i got so tired of being depressed and doing nothing about it. I know i'm gonna get thru this, imma fight against it as long as i'm alive.

if anyone who is also trying to be a better self reading this here is a short list of things that has helped me a lot :
- drinking water lots of it
- working out everyday
- just going thru " love yourself " tags here * positivity is the key *
- affirmations short positive sentences that you tell yourself everyday
- getting lots of sleep
- upbeat music
- relaxing
- time for myself

maybe there's more but i cant remember it atm

if u have any questions feel free to dm me :))

- T