you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words?

well so is a smile

as lips stretch apart, they release silent hazards

those that hide behind the defensive wall of least for a while

pearly whites shine luminously to hide the darkness of their mouth

housing tongues of fire laced with emotions

among them, joy, sadness, anger, and love are lost in the crowds

fighting to overcome their forced hide

the light cracks through the tiny gaps of each row

faintly shining on what doesn't want to be seen

shining on what wants to be left below

underneath the roof of their mouth as unknown

these emotions...these feelings...

they're like wild lions ready to roar at the smallest trigger

at the slightest touch, they'll release lashings, longings,

nothing and everything, all while crumbling

proving the effort to be meager

but a smile, it says what the voice can't

it shows what can't be seen without the tongue's release

underneath that layer of shine lies the grime of a rant

that's abandoned without that mouthpiece

how far those lips extend

how high that smile reaches

how it seems to pretend

it's all important to know what a smile preaches

you know a smile is a silent killer

it guards what doesn't want to be known

and what needs to be seen as a glimmer

it holds back what'll damage its 'okay' tone

across 32 teeth are words uttered backstage

that habitually camouflage away on show day

under the lights, these words are assuaged

to display what appears as an impressive array

just know this

a smile, no matter the form, has a message with it

a forced one calls for a savior, a crooked one could use some taming

a broken one needs a shoulder, an easy one's perfected with training

but it's not always this simple since, well, a thousand words requires some learning

yet it's the key to truly see

one that unlocks the swept away emotions

it's what'll surely bring the smile to its knees

and open the gates of freedom for its suppressed conflictions

take the time to notice the smiles around you for a while

take a moment to see what's lying underneath

then you'll understand it's not so simple, a smile

and maybe you'll be able to see what is beneath

Copyright © 2017 Fabiola Metezier