Carpe Diem / Seize the day

Today while I was reading a new book, I found this quote and, as I usually do, I found myself staring at the window in front of me and thinking about it.
"Seize the day", catch the moment, do that thing that you always wanted to do but never did, get out of here and face the beautiful things this world has to offer.
I started to think about the things that I could and would do.

I want to see and explore new things on my own, go on a road trip, alone or with someone that make me feel special, or even just an afternoon away, somewhere near home, in that places that have always been there, right after the corner but that I have never had the time to explore.

Or just go somewhere and watch the sunset, or even the sunrise (if only I can wake up early enough).

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Take pictures of the sun, of the hills around me or even of people in the streets.. or just watch people, maybe while I'm drinking an hot chocolate in a coffee shop during a very cold winter day: watching people, their habits or even just the way they treat or smile at the person right next to them.

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And then I want to visit a museum, full of art, paintings and sculptures and let them inspire me.

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Or maybe just go to a park, with lot of plants and flowers and children running around, remembering me when I used to be like them while I'm reading a book or drawing something on my notebook.
I can also just drive somewhere and just enjoy the travel, put on my fav album and sing out loud.

Or just redecorate my room, paint that wall of a powerful color (a color that can make me feel strong and independent every morning, right after waking up), buy new plants or cactus and give them sweet names and then put music on, light up candels and then dance, dance, dance around the house, when no one is there, just to feel free from all my fears and problems.

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I want to make memories and fall in love with them all.
This world offers so many possibilities.

Carpe diem, you know.

Thoughts of Midnight,

with love
Jules xx