When you keep knocking, the door will always open.

Click this link to see hear about how the person I've called dad my whole life revealed to me he's my stepfather:

The past couple of days and weeks, I’ve been joking with my mom about me wanting to find my real dad and calling my dad my stepfather. Life is so revealing when you dare to keep knocking. I was texting my dad this morning, around 3AM and he told me that he wasn’t my real father and he’s my stepfather. I also learned who my real father was and that I’ve been in contact with him almost all my life not knowing his my real father although he’s told it to me many times. I’m okay with it because I know he’s an amazing guy. It’s so ironic that this truth revealed itself. I asked myself, “What doors did I keep knocking on for this one to open?”

I later realized it was the joke I fed my mom every once in a while about wanting to find my real dad. We always joke about the funniest stuff and I guess this was on the list. I asked for this happen. For a reason. I learned a lesson. Choose to see the positive side of everything in this world. Choose the eyes of your God, Allah. From this discovery, I found out some information about myself. I’m a Muslim.

Who would’ve ever known? There so many things we don’t know about ourselves. I’m curious about those endless possibilities. I’m curious as to what they can prevail. How much I can grow from what I discover. I wanted to deny what I just learned. I wanted to save it for later, save that emotion to feel later but life always prevails and you’ve gotta get on the boat right now before it starts to sail.