So We Heart It has just come out with Article, I thought I would test it out and write something. Here it is:

The piano keys felt cold to the touch. I pushed one down and a chill ran up my spine. The Jacob's were nice enough to lend me there piano for practice but I didn't expect them to let me come every afternoon. They will get bored eventually. But I'll pratice as mcuh as possible, that's what my mom would have told me. To pratice. I should probably not listen to her anymore. She's dead. But I just have to.
For the rest of the afternoon it goes by slowly. I leave an hour early.
The next morning I tell myself that I just have to. So after school I go back and I practice but i don't feel the same excitement as I did during the competetions, it doesn't feel exciting because I have no one to beat.
"Hello, mum?"
I jump in my seat and twist around. There's a guy standing at the front door. His eyes meet mine and for a second I think I see fury. I take deep breathes in and run out of there. That was the Jacob's kid. That was Nero Jacob, my ex best friend.