This is not a well-written poem ; or even a well-written thing. This is a not-really-well-written article by a teenage film-lover who spends her time in front of her computer screen to feed her cinematographic thirst. Here, i'll suggest you some movies to make that inexorable evening boredom go away. [this article is not finish]

The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola:

For sure one of my favorite movie and a 90's classic ; Adapted from Jeffrey Eugenes's book, The Virgin Suicides relates the beginning of the end of the Lisbon sisters living in Grosse Pointe, Michigan in the mid-70's. It all starts with the youngest sister's suicide attempt ; as it was a warning for the end.

Often misunderstood, this movie is not a suicide apology but a real life critique led by a group of neightborhood's boys fascination for the 5 sisters.
To be honest, I had loved everything about this movie, the atmosphere, the characters, the lights and the wonderful O.B by the band Air. It's not a sad movie either, it's a movie about the reality of things and everyone's way to accept it ; that's what makes it a good one.

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