Getting a tattoo is not just "getting a tattoo" you need to do a little research before you get one.

1. Choose a tattoo artist who specializes in the tattoo that you have chosen. For example if you are getting a rose tattoo don't get a rose tattoo with allot of shading and color at an tattoo artist who is very good at texts and a less good in shading or roses. Because most of the time it will won't turn out the way you wanted.

2. Once you have chosen the tattoo artist and checked if he works hygienic. You need to know how to take care of the tattoo while it is heeling. Shower with a non fragrance shower gel, use petroleum jelly or Vaseline to keep the tattoo moisturized and last but most certainly not least DON'T TOUCH THE TATTOO WITH DIRTY HANDS.

3. While it's heeling you can't keep it too long in the sun (even though you use sunscreen), because it will get infected and then you´re whole tattoo will be messed up.

And that is pretty much it, thank you for reading.

x Jana Zeleznova