" because as much as we ache this time of year ; as much as the desperate fleeting beauty of autumn reminds us of lost things , we cannot help but love November the most ! "
- autumn or fall ?
would you like someone to call you by your imperfection ?
as they say don't judge a book by its cover !
; why would you call a season that shows so much compassion to your -new beginnings , fleshy starts , broken heart by the word "fall" ?
a season that brings every beautiful thing in life down to your knees a season that slow kisses your fears just to make you feel better ,improve you , corrects the mistakes of summer just to hush before winter ..

and you know what : that's the wrong part ,, we underestimate autumn , and as a payback we get winter !
we underestimate a season that constantly reminds you that nothing lasts forever ,a season that constantly reminds you that you are worth yourself ,you can make anything, and shows you your ever lasting beauty,
a season that picks the flower petals off for you, bringing every possibility to your hands ,, a season that still keeps you warm inside despite the cold faces you see..
even if you point out the ugly part of autumn ; the long nights , the ''falling'' leaves , i still hear that little whisper in its early morning saying { don't be afraid of "falling" } !