Hi guys! I'm reaaally excited for this 'cause we can FINALLY "talk" to each other! Wooo-hoo! 🎉

Well, it's probably obvious that I'm a girl. 😀 I'm 18 years old and I come from the most beautiful country ever - Bosnia & Herzegovina! 🇧🇦🏔 (most of you probably never heard of it but you should definitely google it).
I'm a passionate photography lover and bookworm (I'm a huge Harry Potter fan 🙈⚡). 📷📚 I also enjoy being outside and wandering around. 🌄 What I looove about WHI is that I can find so many beautiful pics and quotes like nowhere else, and the most important thing - I can find people who are similar to me! 💖 People who I can compare myself with and who have the same interests as me. Keep doing your thing guys, keep going, share your interests, share the L O V E. 💞 see ya! 👋
PS. If you want to see some pics I've taken, visit my instagram: @sillylittlecactus (as you can see I'm a huge cactus fan too. 🌵💚)