'A million likes will never be enough if you don't like yourself.'

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Hey guys, I'm back with my second part of my WeHeartIt 101 series, and this time I'm giving you lovely lot with my top tips on how to get more hearts on your posts on WHI. I'm not going to lie, I feel like there is a lot of pressure for me to keep up the quality of my writing, especially with the overwhelming success of my first ever WHI article, I am forever grateful for the love and positive responses I've received so thank you so so much, and I hope I won't disappoint you guys. If you haven't read my previous WHi article you can check it out here:

A little quick disclaimer before I start, despite all the positive responses I have received, obviously not everyone will agree with WHI tips/advice articles from those who are considered “WHI famous” (hate that saying btw) or “popular”, and that’s okay, however I just want to clear up that neither my friends (who have or will publish WHI related articles who have a significant following) nor myself are trying to force people to use WHI in certain ways or how they should act on WHI. All we are trying to do is give advice to you guys and all we want to do is use our “voice” to help you guys, because without you guys, who would we be y’know? A lot of users on WHI who have a large following do get asked often how to get more followers and how to be a heartist, so a lot of us have decided to do these articles to help people who want to know our secrets, in a more in depth and helpful way instead of having to be short and vague when we are asked via postcard. Doing these articles also helps people who may be to nervous and/or intimidated to ask those who have a big following/is a heartist. Also, all the advice we provide in our articles are genuine tips that have worked for US, and I can only speak for myself when I say this but, I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON EVERYTHING WHI, so we are not 100% guaranteeing it will work for you, a lot of it comes down to a lot of time and patience in order to achieve what you want to achieve. One last thing, some of us has added our own opinions in our articles, for example in my last article I did mention that I don’t think it’s a good idea to post hundreds of images per day, THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION, I personally do not like it when my following feed is filled with one individual’s posts, that’s all. In no way am I forcing anyone to stop, like you do you but it’s just something I would recommend, it wasn’t my intention to ‘offend’ anyone with my opinion it’s just people asked for my advice and that’s what I gave them. If you don’t like or agree with my tips/opinions I am not forcing you to continue reading, but if you don’t agree with what I or any other person gives advice says, please contact me so we can clear things up or don’t say anything at all, just please don’t be shady and sly in your captions without messaging us because that is very immature and pathetic.

Anyways, thank you for the most of you who have been supportive, obviously the above doesn’t apply to you, it’s just a small percentage that are obviously desperate for attention and jealous of other people’s success. Okay let’s get into the article, ‘How To Get More Hearts On Your WHI Posts’:


Ah, the All Images page, the most important and high traffic page on WHI, both on the app and online. Millions of users have flocked to the All Images page in search for inspiration and to build the canvas and collections based on their interests. When you log onto WHI or open the app, you are automatically shown this page in order to see the trending images of that moment and see the next person’s feed you’re going to obsess over. The All Images page is the place to get your images on as everyone will see it as it has the most traffic on the site/app.

So how do we get onto the All Images page? Well, from my 4 years experience of being on WHI I do have a couple of secrets on how to get onto the All Images page to be specific, the top of the All Images page. First of all, your post. I found out that what works every time for me is to upload your post via another social media platform i.e. tumblr, pinterest etc., instead of posting directly from your camera roll/images folder. If you are using apps, you can go into your chosen platform and chose the button that shares post to other platforms and choose WHI out of options of places to post it to and then as normal add your caption, tags and hit ‘post’. Meanwhile, if you’re using your browser to post, you can download the ‘Heart Button’ to your browser toolbar. You can download it using the link below, which also provides instructions on how to download.


The WeHeartIt heart button is an essential for any uploader as it can detect all images on the page you are using to upload a pic. Once you click the heart button and find your chosen image it will open a pop-up so you can add any captions, tags and collections to your post.

To be completely honest with you I don’t have a clue why uploading from other social media sites is more effective than uploading straight from WHI, for me, it just increases the chances of getting your post to the front page, as long as (this is where we get to the second part of this tip) you get 3 other users to heart your image. It is pretty much impossible to get your image to the All Images page without 3 people hearting your image. The sooner 3 people heart it the better as I’ve found out for me that if I get an image with 3 hearts within the first two minutes of it being uploaded, it will reach the very top, the later it gets 3 hearts, the more further down it will be. I’m not going to lie, if you are a new user and/or don’t have many followers, it is incredibly hard to get your image to the All Images page, still wanna keep increasing your chances though? Keep on reading....

Sabine (@the_night_skies) talks more in depth about the All Images page if you want to go and check it out, the link is below (her article is amazing and so helpful, I actually learnt so much myself, so I highly recommend it)


Okay this tip is not going to go down well with absolutely everyone, as people have received backlash over this particular point in their own articles, but this is something I do agree with as I personally do find quite annoying, especially if its someone I follow. What I mean by ‘QUALITY OVER QUANTITY’ is that I strongly advise you not post too much a day on WHI if you want to get more hearts on your images/more followers etc., this because, and I’m not speaking for everyone on WHI when I say this but, people do find it very frustrating when someone is scrolling through the ‘following’ page and all they see is hundreds of post, all from one person. People want to see everyone they follow on their following feed, not just you. People do have different views on what they consider too much and for me personally, probably anything over 30 posts a day is waayyy too much for me, but other people will have different limits to what they can handle. Even if your feed is the best feed on WHI, people do get tired and do want to keep up with other people and not just you. If you really feel the need to post quite a lot on a given day, at least try and spread your posts throughout the day so there is a chance for your posts to be separated out by other people and their posts. Not only is spamming annoying, but its actually not going to help you gain more hearts on your pictures. For example, if you post 5 images all at the same time, sure you might get one that gets on the All Images page and/or a lot of hearts, but all your other ones will not get as many hearts, does that seem familiar? Well thats because you can’t have multiple pictures on the top few rows of the All Images page at once, I’m sorry that’s just how WHI works. That’s why I suggested about leaving time between each post, so you can get every post a chance to reach the All Images page. I mean what would you prefer, posting 5 images all at once and have one with a couple hundred hearts and the others with 5 hearts or, posting 5 images but leaving 30-60 minutes between each post but them all getting a couple hundred hearts? A lot of us ‘popular’ users are speaking up about being against posting a lot of pics all at once, but thats only because we want you to do well, we want you to get lots of hearts on your pics and we don’t want you to be losing followers because you come across as a little annoying because of posting too much at once.


So you want to get more hearts on your images, and the best way to get tons of hearts is to get onto the All Images page, but how on earth are you supposed to do it when you don’t have enough followers who will heart your image so it can get onto the All Images page? Don’t worry, I got your back! As you probably have worked out by now, more exposure = more hearts and the best way to get maximum exposure on your image when you don’t have a lot of followers who will almost instantly see/heart your image, is to use tags on your posts. A lot of people use WHI to search for a specific type of image, whether that is fashion, dogs or a favourite band, people want to see things that they have an interest in, that's just human nature and it doesn’t change when you’re not in ‘the real world’. So let’s say you upload a dope post on makeup and other you tag in ‘makeup’ to your post, once you upload it, fellow makeup lovers will see your post as they are scrolling through the ‘makeup’ tag, and potentially heart the image if they like it. Tags are a pretty cool tool to use when you’re just starting out because you are making your image visible as possible. However, one thing to consider is to not neglect your power of using hashtags. Do you ever search something in WHI and find something completely unrelated to what you’re searching for? For instance, have you ever searched for ‘shoes’ and find an image of a pizza? Even though I really (really,really) love pizza, I don’t really want to see an image of a pizza at that moment because I wanted to look for shoes, not pizza, and I don’t know about you but don’t you just find it really annoying when that happens? Well, a lot of people do find it frustrating, not going to lie. Also, using a tag that is completely irrelevant to the image will definitely not help you gain more hearts, even if it is a popular tag, because people are only wanting to heart an image that relates to the tag at that moment of time, which will prevent you from getting hearts, especially if you are limited to 8 tags per post. If you really want to use your tags wisely, use tags that are basic. I’ll explain what I mean by this:

Say you’re going to post this image of an outfit:

fashion, outfit, and shirt image
Image cred: @PaigeThaGoon on WHI

Instead of going into the specifics of an image such as using 'yellow tee saying camp life' (because who is gonna search that?) keep your tags short and sweet whilst ensuring the word you will be using in the tag covers a whole type of post, and still being relevant to the post. In this example, tags such as 'fashion' 'clothes' 'clothing' 'outfit' 'style' etc. will be more effective as its something that covers a whole umbrella of posts, meaning that your post will be more visible to others, and therefore more hearts.


Say what? Let me explain this one. If you're still at step 1 trying to find an image that you genuinely like that may become popular, how about looking back at your posting history to find out what sort of images got the most hearts to date? When I tell people about this they are so confused and were completely unaware of this lil thing you can do on WHI, from your own page. To do this, you're going to need to access the WHI website on your browser, as unfortunately you cannot do this on the app. Right you have your page open on your browser, what next? Next to your icon and below your cover image there is a row with the number of hearts,collections,posts, following and followers you have. Click on the one with '(number) Posts' here is where all of your uploads are kept, in order by most recent. On this page there is a grey bar, where on the left side there is a search bar, and on the right there are 2 tabs, one saying 'Sort By Date' and the other 'Sort By Hearts'. Click on the 'Sort By Hearts' and now all of your posts are sorted in heart order, meaning that your most hearted upload ever will be at the top, so you can see which posts were most successful, which you can use to post images related to your most popular images in the future.


My last piece of advice for you guys, is to be patient. Your hearts will come (if you follow these steps of course!). If you are relatively new to WHI you probably won't get a lot of success at first, that's what happened with me, but if you keep active, keep growing your following and feed, you will get there. Even to this day I still get images that struggle to past 100 hearts, thats just how WHI works. You know the saying "good things come to those who wait"? Well, that saying speaks for itself.

Well if you reached this part, Congratulations, you've survived all of my waffling throughout this article, haha. I really hope you enjoyed this article, if you did, let me know or if you didn't like it so much, also let me know, I'd love to recieve feedback. This is my first article I've uploaded since the article feature was released to everyone, as I uploaded my first article sooner because I was lucky enough to access articles early (thank you to the WHI Team for that one!), so now articles are released properly, I have made an article uplaoding schedule - and I will be posting an article to WHI EVERY FRIDAY, however I'm still deciding on the time I'll be publishing but I'll let you guys know when I do decide in my next article or I'll let you know in my captions. Also, not every post will be WHI related or in my WHI series, so stay tuned. Okay, stop rambling Yazz. Talk to you guys soon.

Lots of love, Yasmin


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