hey everyone
with this article i wanna make people to find out everything about theyrselfs.
find out how to be happy and why you can be proud of yourself!

so theres no recipe to find happiness or something like this its something personal everyone has to find out on their one but there are a few ways to make this easier.
the most important point at this is to BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF !!!!!!

make a list of the answers of these following questions youllask yourself.

1. make a list what you like and don't like ( its okay to get yourself some inspiration)
a.do more often what you like and avoid things you don't like

2. remove your makeup and look in the mirror closely and find out what you like about your look and what you would like to change (beauty says nothing bout your hear but this step is important tho)
b.for example if you got pimples, tell yourself you'll get rid of them just tell this yourself as often as possible it will work!

3. find dort what your style is like, its okay if its mixed but its easier to have one category kind, if you know what i mean
c. i don't know how to explain this but your style says so much about you you'll find out...

4. who inspires you the most and whyyy?!

5. find out wich color do you fit to i will do another article for that don't worry
e. try to wear some clothes in this color or try to make this color part of your life if that makes sense?!

6. what are you graceful for?

7. what makes you sad?