last summer.
that's when we met, you never struck me as
cute until last november.

you used to blush
when i showed up to your work to say hi
and chit chat until you closed the shop.
but i don't think it's that way anymore.

our mutual friend told me about
your crush on me. that was last october.
maybe that's why i had formed my crush on you.

people say it's the eyes or the smile
you fall in love with first. but it wasn't. it was your
mind. i fell in love with your mind. we like all the same
music, all the same habits. we smoke cigarettes together.
we drink coffee together. i wonder why we haven't talked in

it was march. i got high and felt impulsive.
i sent you a text. i told you i liked you. i thought you
would feel the same. you told me you thought i was
very very pretty. but you liked being alone. but we still
hanging regularly afterwards.

it's late august. i still haven't seen you in
weeks. i miss your laugh. i miss your face. i miss
seeing you at work. i miss chain smoking with you in the
alley. i miss the late night longboarding. i miss listening to the
pixies with you. i miss rides home with you. why aren't we

i miss you. i miss our friendship. and i can't help but
love you. forgive me.